1. Jam pumps (n) — Street slang for red heels.


  2. Blackmilking (verb) - The act of wearing pants (generally leggings) that are overly ambitious, tight and/or unflattering, usually with delusions of grandeur.

    E.g. “Yo dawg, scope out that ratchet slop blackmilking the D.F in those sweat-hog lavender corduroys.”

    Guest definition by Cook Suck


  3. Macrapre (adj) — Designed to look gloomy, androgynous and edgy, but put together in a way that seems passé. 

    E.g. “She wanted her graduate collection to be dark and edgy, but, honestly, it was macrapre.”


  4. Fish (n) — An air kiss. Short for ‘fashion kiss’.


  5. Feeps (n) — Short for ‘fashion peeps’.


  6. Cons-cupiscence (n) — The undesirable state of loving, and wearing only, converse shoes.


  7. Fritzled (adj) — When a part or parts of one’s body are trapped in tight clothing. 


    Jordan’s knees were fritzled in his new jeans.

    Guest definition by Stephanie Day


  8. Tourture (n) — A particularly grievous press tour, often characterized by the unwelcome company of overly-enthusiastic local bloggers, poorly-planned or irrelevant activities, annoyingly pushy press representatives, and not-nearly-enough free alcohol to make it all seem bearable.


  9. Meeting (n) — A tax-deductible, boozy lunch-date.


  10. Wearable (adj) — Unlikely to incite interest or excitement; boring. 


  11. Conceptual (adj) — Unwearable.


  12. Fox Purse (n) — A fashion faux pas.


  13. Cheng-do (n) — Any oriental hairstyle.


    "O.M.G. She has such a cute cheng-do.”


  14. Wang-out (v) — To dress exclusively in garments designed by American fashion designer Alexander Wang.


    Girl #1: “What are you going to wear tonight?”

    Girl #2: “I think I’m just going to keep it simple and Wang-out.”


  15. Vanderloo (v) — To simultaneously pout and furrow one’s brow.